Meditation and yoga

Unwind & Connect in Hood River

Yoga, water, snow, kind people, mountain trails, great farm-to-table food, and so much natural beauty.

Unwind. Relax. Breathe. Connect

Remembering to pause and be present in your surroundings can feel daunting. After all, we’re programmed to stay busy with our never-ending to-do lists. But here in Hood River, we offer just the reset you need to nurture the mind, body, and soul while harnessing the refreshing energy of this extraordinary place. 

Perhaps the best reminder comes from local resident Stephanie Adams, owner of Flow Yoga, who says, “We are surrounded by two majestic snow-capped mountains, rolling hills, and three major rivers. We are in the middle of the Cascade Mountains at about sea level. It’s a beautiful location full of people who truly love, revere, and respect nature.” 

So whether you’re flowing through a vinyasa by the river or recharging over a hearty meal, Stephanie’s words are a reminder to stay present, open, and humble throughout every step of this rejuvenating journey. Read along for a few ways to unwind and connect in Hood River.

A group practicing yoga in a Hood River studio
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Flow Yoga

Start your day cultivating balanced energy by incorporating a Flow Yoga class into your morning schedule. The studio welcomes all levels of expertise, offering Gentle, Flow, and Power Flow classes, along with great energetic movement offerings such as BarreFlow fusion (BFlow classes), and Strength classes. 

Juice made of organic and locally sourced ingredients
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Best Balanced Eats

After some movement goodness, nourish your body with a fresh, natural brunch at River Daze downtown, where their menu beams with handcrafted concoctions—including salads, smoothies, waffles, freshly baked breakfast sandwiches, pastries, soups, and more. Another local favorite is Egg River Cafe, where you can find fresh, seasonal dishes. Searching for a quicker nutritional boost? Head to Remedy Cafe for organic juices, smoothies, and filling bowls.

hiker at the base of a beautiful waterfall
  • Recreation

Explore the Falls

Spend your afternoon exploring one of Hood River’s many waterfall gems. For a mid-level hike, venture along Tamanawas Falls Trail while surveying the landscape of autumnal colors until you reach Tamanawas Falls. Experience Umbrella Falls as another worthy excursion.

arugula topped pizza
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Soothe Your Appetite

After a full day of body-loving movement and soul-nurturing nature, it’s time to satisfy your hunger with something hearty and whole. The sustainable farm practices at Celilo make this eatery a go-to for thoughtful indulgence. Or head to Solstice Pizza for wood-fired pizza sure to warm you up. If you’re looking for spectacular views to accompany your meal, Riverside is your spot for a locally-sourced menu and incredible plant-based options at their picturesque riverfront location.

“In our fast-paced world, yoga provides us an opportunity to move our bodies gaining strength, balance and flexibility while also improving the health of our cardiovascular system, immune system, nervous system, oxygenating our blood, hydrating our tissues, lowering inflammation, and improving brain function. With all of this, we are simply happier, more patient, and sleep better, too!”

A nature hike in Hood River
A warm sunset over the Columbia River
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Retreat for the Night

When it’s time to say goodnight, head to the Best Western Plus Hood River Inn. Nestled on the Columbia River shoreline, you’ll wake up to scenic river views with access to a private pool and beach. Paved walking paths lead to the heart of downtown, and you’ll receive an extra dose of scenic respite while walking along the scenic waterfront path to dinner.

A poolside stay at the Hood River Best Western
  • Relax

Poolside Yoga

Cap off your restorative weekend by enjoying yoga beneath the blue sky. When the weather’s warm, this is the spot for stretching, bending, and unwinding poolside. Roll out your mat as you flow next to the Columbia River, then remedy sore muscles by enjoying the Hood River Inn’s riverside pool, sauna, or hot tub.

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