Aerial view of the Columbia River Gorge

Explore Hood River’s Magic

Where Myth, Beauty, and Agriculture Meet

Fueled by the Klickitat tribal legends of betrayal, sacrifice, and torrid love affairs, Hood River’s history is as deep and compelling as the adjacent Columbia River. This region, celebrated for its awe-inspiring natural beauty, from snow-tipped volcanoes to iconic bridges and majestic waterfalls, has rightfully earned its Nature Lover’s Destination (2021) and Best Adventures and Explorations (2023) designations in Sunset Magazine’s annual Sunset Travel Awards. Whether through the myths of the Klickitat nation or modern-day accolades and recognition, inspiration is the foundation upon which Hood River was built. Follow along to find yours!


A basket full of wild mushrooms.

Foraging Adventures with First Nature Tours

Embark on a local foraging journey with First Nature Tours, where you’ll discover the secrets of morel mushrooms and native plants. This hands-on experience connects you with the land and its bounties, offering a unique perspective on Hood River’s natural resources.



Two people straining natural dye from a pot.

Artistic Escapades at WildCraft Studios

Unleash your creativity with natural dyes, foraging, and painting workshops with WildCraft Studios. Here, nature and art intertwine, allowing you to create inspired masterpieces using the colors and textures of the local flora on your next family getaway, reunion, guys/girls getaway, or group event.



People drinking wine with a charcuterie board in front of them.

Scenic Sipping at Stave and Stone Wine Estates


Indulge in a truly farm-to-glass tasting experience at Stave and Stone Wine Estates, nestled at the base of Mt. Hood and overlooking the Hood River Valley. This Century Farm has been tended to by the Fletcher family for over a hundred years and provides an immersive experience in locally sourced wines.



Two people holding a salmon in front of the river.

Experience the bounty of traditional native fishing methods at Brigham Fish Market

Savor a freshly caught lunch at the Brigham Fish Market. Owned and operated by a Native American family of fishermen, the Brighams offer Columbia Gorge visitors and residents the opportunity to experience the region’s rich native heritage, fishing traditions, and culinary practices.



View of the river from Riverside Restaurant.

Riverside Dining

Savor a waterfront, wine-paired dining experience at Riverside, where Executive Chef Mark DeResta has been building partnerships with local farmers and purveyors in the Columbia River Gorge to create a regionally authentic menu for more than two decades. Overlooking the Columbia River and Mt. Adams, this setting offers a feast for both the palate and the eyes.



Live Music at 64 Taphouse

Downtown Hood River comes alive with the inspired sounds of live music at 64 Taphouse. Situated in the center of downtown Hood River, this vibrant venue is perfect for ending your day with local tunes and a relaxed atmosphere.



Couple walking in downtown Hood River

Exploring the Scene(ry)

Take advantage of the sweeping views of the Columbia River Gorge, a testament to the natural grandeur of Hood River. A self-guided Downtown and Waterfront walking tour offers a leisurely exploration of the area, including downtown sidewalk shopping and scenic pathways along the Columbia River. First things first, stop in at the downtown Visitor Center for walking maps and information about the following walkable destinations:

The History Museum of Hood River

Hood River Waterfront Trail

Hood River Waterfront Park

Downtown Hood River


Embark on a 3-mile stroll through the heart of Hood River, exploring the charming downtown area and the breathtaking Waterfront, each offering its unique blend of sights, sounds, and experiences.

Whether through its rich tribal legends, picturesque landscapes, or unique agritourism experiences, Hood River is a destination that inspires and captivates. From foraging and fishing to dining and walking tours, each activity in Hood River weaves a story of tradition, nature, and community. Discover Hood River – where history and nature converge into unforgettable experiences.


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