Local Artist Raises Awareness for the National Aphasia Association

HOOD RIVER — Local Artist Kent Faulkner is raising funds and awareness for the National Aphasia Association (NAA) and to support his granddaughter, who suffers from the disorder, through sales of his fine art reproductions. To learn more about Faulkner and Aphasia visit About – Kent Faulkner Prints.

“NAA is a great resource,” said son Kirk Faulkner. “They provide access to research, education, rehabilitation, therapeutic and advocacy services to individuals with aphasia and their caregivers. The NAA acts as a syndicate of resources, providing a sense of community among individuals and caregivers.” 

Aphasia affects about two million Americans — nearly 180,000 acquire the disorder each year — and is more common than Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy, though most people have never heard of it.

Kent’s granddaughter, Rachel, almost died of a brain aneurysm when a blood vessel suddenly ruptured and caused immediate bleeding into the brain. 

“Fortunately, her fiancé was with her and took her to the hospital,” the family has posted on the website. “After testing and diagnosis, the doctors removed a portion of her skull to relieve the swelling.”

The bleeding stopped, which he attributes to God’s grace, surprising the doctors. Rachel underwent bone flap surgery — replacement of the skull bone — three months later.

One common effect of this kind of stroke or traumatic brain injury is aphasia — “an acquired communication disorder that impairs a person’s ability to process language, but does not affect intelligence” (www.aphasia.org).

Some cases of aphasia are mild; others are more severe and affect speaking, writing, reading and listening.

As for Rachel, “Her recovery has been a long road that has taken a lot of dedication and persistence,” said the website. “It can be very frustrating and painful as they go through the process. She is improving her communication and outlook. Getting back to where she was before the aneurysm is still a work in progress.”

The Faulkner’s has a message for those with family or friends dealing with a similar issue: “Be thankful they’re alive and never stop encouraging and helping them in the recovery process. Use all the resources you can to find help. Never stop!”

After utilizing countless resources, the Faulkner family began to look for other ways to bring Rachel support and additional help — and that’s the idea behind selling Faulkner’s prints via his website. Sales proceeds help support Rachel, other survivors through NAA, and the costs of running the website.


Contact support@kentfaulkner.com

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