From Screen to Stage- CGOA

CGOA presents FROM SCREEN TO STAGE June 25 7 PM, Jackson Park

Action movies and video games are big business. More than that, millions of people enjoy films like Encanto, Wonder Woman and Star Wars and play games like The Legend of Zelda. One of things that makes these forms of entertainment so appealing is the music that goes along with them.

With that in mind, the Gorge Sinfonietta presents From Screen to Stage, a concert of music from movies and videogames. The concert is on June 25 at 7 PM in Jackson Park and is free.

Conductor Mark Steighner has put together a program of fan favorites from the world of films and videogames. There’s something for everybody, from Encanto to E.T to Harry Potter, The Empire Strikes Back and more. Fans of videogames will be treated to music from Video Games Live, Elden Ring, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Journey and Guild Wars 2.

As a fun, special bonus, kids can come dressed as their favorite game or movie character and get a free kazoo. They’ll be invited onstage to play along with music from Star Wars and Encanto.

Food trucks from Paco’s Tacos and Mary’s Cocina will provide delicious accompaniment to the music. Bring a blanket or chair, listen to the music, and have a picnic!

The free concert brings to a close the Sinfonietta’s 2021-22 season, which has included the premiere of A Sasquatch Portrait and a special guest appearance by Tom Grant. The 2022-23 Season kicks off in November with Nights of Romance.

From Screen to Stage is free, but donations are welcome at gorgeorchestra.org

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