McLaughlin Design and Construction,LLC

We design & build homes in the Columbia River Gorge- from drafting and architectural design in 3D to general contracting and construction

Website www.mdc3d.com

Address 200 SW Dogwood Lane White Salmon, WA 98672

Email breff@mdc3d.com


Our work is inspired by the beautiful area that we live in and the great relationships we build with our clients

It all begins with an idea- we think of home design and construction not as a single practice, but as several interlocking ones. Your home is not just about windows, doors, and roofs. A home is about a sense of space, movement, livability, and belonging. Making a home with these things in mind is our goal. Aesthetic fads come and go, but we find these principles to be timeless.

Our approach is to first understand our client’s needs and vision. We value input from our clients in many forms. You may come to us with just an idea or a problem to solve, or you might come to us with a Pinterest board, magazine cutouts, or a sketch on a napkin – we can work with all of this.

Once the overall approach is agreed upon, we take the ideas into a 3d space. This allows you to get a better feel for the layout with relative spatial components placed in the design for scale. Think of couches, refrigerators, and other elements that can give a better physical sense of size and scale. We can even include photos that will show what your views will be from each window. The end result leaves almost nothing to chance and keeps changes more affordable in this phase vs. making changes during actual construction.

Our process makes it clear and easy to get just what you want. 3-D modeling and virtual walkthroughs are our tools,  but the real service is our focus on your desires and how you will ultimately use your new space.

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