Make it a two-sport day in Hood River

Oregon’s only mountain beach town.

Embrace the outdoor enthusiast’s dream in Hood River, where snowy peaks, serene trails, and soothing riverbanks coexist perfectly. From the mountains to the beach and everywhere in between, Hood River is a haven for those who cherish the adrenaline of winter sports and the serenity of riverside activities. The options are unmatched, and your two-sport adventure is limited only by your imagination. Among the options:



Morning Fishing Adventures

Greet the day on any one of the amazing local trout streams. As the sun rises, find yourself amidst nature’s calm, rod in hand, awaiting the day’s catch. This peaceful fishing experience is an idyllic start to your action-packed day, showcasing the gentler side of Hood River’s diverse environment. Gorge Fly Shop has all the gear and the scoop for a day on the river.



Snowboarding at Mt. Hood Meadows

Afternoon on the Slopes

Swap your fishing pole for ski poles – or a snowboard – as you ascend toward Mt. Hood’s snowy embrace. At nearby Cooper Spur Ski Area and Mt. Hood Meadows, the slopes offer an array of options for all levels of enthusiasts. The rush of descending the slopes of an 11,250’ active volcano is a thrilling contrast to the morning’s peaceful fishing.



Hiking the East Gorge Trails

Alternatively, if you prefer solid ground to snowy slopes, the East Gorge hiking trails are your gateway to adventure. These paths wind through scenic landscapes, offering breathtaking views and a direct connection with the area’s natural beauty. Suitable for all ages and abilities, these trails are a hiker’s paradise. Start the day with a hike, or use this time to stretch your legs for a stroll after a morning on the mountain. Prefer to go faster? Grab a bike and head to the many available trails around Hood River. Make sure to check trail conditions before heading out!

Trail Conditions



Double Mountain Brewery

Après Ski in Town

As your day winds down and the sun sets over the mountains, enjoy après ski in Hood River. The town comes alive with a vibrant atmosphere to indulge in local culinary delights, savor craft beverages, and exchange tales of your day’s adventures. Try a Jersey Pie and Kolsch at Double Mountain Brewery, a Bacon Blue Burger with house-made fries at Sixth Street Bistro, or enjoy the town’s best happy hour at Divots at Indian Creek Golf Course.


In Hood River, one can leave tracks on snowy slopes and cast lines into tranquil waters, all in a single day. The unique opportunity for a two-sport day is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you’re on the river in the morning or on the slopes in the afternoon, adventure awaits in Hood River.


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