Orange and gold tress surrounding a leaf covered walkway.

Fall Hikes

Hike through golden leaves, raging waterfalls, and crisp cool air

As the vibrant green leaves shift to hues of orange and gold, it signals summer is coming to a close. Fall paints an array of colors across the valley and through the mountains. At sunrise, Hood River’s hiking trails come alive, offering a beautiful blend of colorful foliage, crisp cool air, and picturesque views. Fall is the best time to enjoy the trails, when the trees are painted in golds and deep reds, making Hood River an exceptional fall hiking destination.


A tall, thin waterfall pouring from moss covered walls into a stream.

Dry Creek Falls

Dry Creek Falls is a 4.6-mile out-and-back trail near Cascade Locks that leads hikers to a hidden waterfall gem that plunges 74 feet over basalt walls. The hike ascends south, then slowly bends west, leading visitors into a forest of Douglas-fir. If hikers keep a lookout to their left, they may even catch a glimpse of Columbia Gorge ridge tops peeking through the trees. The trail winds around boulders covered with cool patches of moss, and the warmer hues in fall create a beautiful contrast to this green environment. With an elevation gain of 860 feet, this moderate hike takes an average of 2.5 hours.

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A wide waterfall falling into moss covered rocks and logs.

Tamanawas Falls

One of the more popular hikes on Mt. Hood, Tamanawas Falls, is open year-round. The narrow shaded trail follows Cold Spring Creek crossing a log bridge to start the ascent to the falls. This family-friendly hike is a 3.4-mile out-and-back with 560 feet in elevation gain, making it a sought-after trail for hikers to take in the majestic forests of Douglas-fir and Engelmann spruce trees.  A panoramic view of the falls greets those who arrive at the trail’s end.

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A large waterfall pouring into an emerald green pool. Large moss covered walls towering above.

Wahclella Falls

Wahclella Falls Trail offers a unique experience as hikers venture through a slot canyon leading to a spectacular view of a waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge. The quick and easy 2.4-mile out-and-back hike is a perfect kickstart to your morning while taking in the beautiful fall colors. As hikers progress down the trail, they will see house-sized boulders left behind from the 1973 landslide. Wahclella Fall is a 350-ft two-tiered plunge waterfall at the trail’s end.

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Hood River, Mt. Hood, and the Columbia River or Oregon at sunrise, USA

Hikes Closer To The City

Panorama Point County Park

  • Panorama Point County Park is a drive-up viewpoint located off highway 35. Views of the 15,000 acres of orchards, Mount Hood and Mount Adams, are spectacular any season of the year.

Hood River Pipeline

  • Located near downtown Hood River, this is an out-of-the-ordinary walk along the Hood River atop a 9-foot diameter pipe. Incredible fall colors are everywhere to be seen.

Twin Tunnel – Historical Columbia Highway

  • Walk or bike, (e-bike!) to the tunnels. This is a car-free section of the Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail. Views on the trail, which runs 4.5 miles between Mosier and Hood River, are spectacular in any season, but especially in Fall.

Latourell Falls Loop Trail

  • Just West of Hood River, the loop hike starts at the base of the Lower Latourell falls observation area. The upper falls is a two-tiered drop that falls into a pool below.



Mt. Hood and the Columbia River Gorge’s captivating beauty calls out to many, and our collective efforts ensure its preservation for future generations. As you set out to explore its trails, please embrace responsible adventuring. Stay updated with the latest trail guidelines, and remember, a fulfilling journey respects both the people and the land. Leave no trace, stick to designated paths, and in areas specified, ensure your furry companions are leashed. Let’s ensure every adventure in Hood River is both safe and memorable! 

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