Kids with a goat

A Kid’s Perfect Nature Adventure

Pedaling, snacking, playing, and discovering the Gorge with little ones.

By: Lisa Kosglow

Founder Of: Lets Get Out

Letting the Kid Guide

If there’s any one thing we can definitively say about Lisa it’s this: she’s intimately familiar with the beating heart of the Hood River Valley. This Play List is guided by the kids—and not in a predictable ice-cream-to-toy-store manner (although she believes Mike’s Ice Cream and G. Willikers are a must not miss). “My philosophy about engaging and connecting with kids is that we need to meet them where they are; find out what interests them,” Lisa explains. Her new book co-authored with Margot Angstrom and illustrated by Sarah Uhl) Let the Kid Guide: Putting Nature Back into Our Lives helps parents figure out how to do just that.

Here are a few of Lisa’s favorite spots for kids in Hood River.

An inside view of Good News Gardening
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Good News Gardening

It’s off the beaten path, with great morning light and so much to look at while you wait for your food (or wait to finish your food).

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A dad helping his kid on a bike
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Family Man at Post Canyon

There’s so much to explore by bike and on foot! We sometimes like to hop off our bikes and go build forts in the woods.

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Twin Peaks in front of Mt. Hood
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Twin Peaks Drive In

Ride (with your older kids) down to Twin Peaks from Family man. There are tons of options even for vegetarians/vegans!

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The inside of Pure Stoke
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Pure Stoke

Every time I go in there, I’m blown away by the staff. They don’t mess around. They ALL use the gear, know all the trails, and know the conditions. And they’re so generous with their knowledge.

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“Here in Hood River it feels like the volcanoes are our stewards; they sit in our skyline. Those mountains make this place feel so grounded.”

Enjoying a pasta dish at Solstice Wood Fire Pizza
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Solstice Wood Fired Pizza

Solstice takes locally-sourced ingredients and turns them into incredible dishes. Our family loves to have a bite then walk along the Waterfront Park Trail in the evening, getting a sundown view down the Gorge from The Hook.

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A view from inside Hood River Inn
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The Hood River Inn

We love the waterfront views and the amazing huckleberry pancakes in the morning. Their deck seating is great, and we can go running, biking, and walking on the Waterfront Trail right from the room.

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Children nature hike
Kidding Around the Gorge children guide books

Bring Along Lisa’s Books

Kidding Around the Gorge is an ideal companion to an active, creative weekend with little ones. Pair it with Let the Kid Guide: Putting Nature Back into Our Lives, and you’ll be perfectly prepared to be more present and connected to the Gorge and your loved ones.

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