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Illuminated Cello

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In collaboration with Big Britches Productions, the Performing Arts Initiative is thrilled to present an extraordinary evening of music and visual art, “Illuminated Cello,” taking place at the Bingen Theater on Friday, March 29, at 7:30 pm. This event promises to be an evening of unparalleled artistic collaboration. Proceeds from this event will help support the Performing Arts Initiative in 2024.

“Illuminated Cello” features the extraordinary talents of Chrissy Lancaster, a world-renowned electro-acoustic cellist and composer, backed by a visual spectacle created by John Hardham’s Lightwave Lightshow. This event is set to be a captivating journey through sound and light, designed to inspire and entertain all audiences. Fresh from their installation at Portland’s Winter Light Festival, their innovative collaboration of original music and animated visual art will be at the Bingen Theater for one night only! Attendees can expect a kinetic adventure that will resonate long after.

Meet the Artists
Chrissy Lancaster brings his innovative approach to the cello, blending classical techniques with modern pop sensibilities, technology, and personal flair. Known for his improvisational style, Lancaster uses his instrument to create a vast array of sounds, from percussive beats to emotive melodies, all while engaging with live sampling. His performances are a sonic exploration.

Drawing inspiration from contemporary dance and visual mediums, Lancaster’s music is a testament to his diverse influences and experiences. He’s performed across the globe, including a notable tour with Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward and a performance for President Obama at the Kennedy Center Honors. In the Bingen Theatre, Lancaster will be playing his visually striking 100 year old cello, “Lucas” in front of Hardham’s projections on the theater screen.

“I’m particularly excited about returning to the Bingen with Chrissy. This marks our second joint show, and collaborating with Big Britches has really been easy,” stated John Hardham, a pioneer in light show artistry since the 1960s. John toured with iconic bands (the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger Service), followed by tours performing in planetariums as the Heavy Water Lightshow through the 1980’s. Returning to his roots following a successful second career as a videographer, Hardham’s Lightwave Lightshow partnership with Lancaster marks a fusion of improvisational talents where music and light interact in a lively, dynamic performance. “I’ve been working on creating new material all year, so watch for even more intense visuals.”

The event is further elevated by a special guest appearance by Helen Burton, a ten-year old silks aerial star making her first solo appearance.

Tickets for “Illuminated Cello” are available for advance purchase at https://www.bigbritches.org/cello-tickets
Link: https://www.bigbritches.org/illuminated-cello

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